It’s that time of year where we are all looking up at the amazing fireworks in the sky and our pets cower in fear at the noise!!

The Relaxopet Pro is a game changer, with 5 years of research it’s proven to calm and assist pets with anxiety. The perfect solution for anyone with anxious, scared pet(s)

Pet trade innovations are delighted to offer one cat and one dog owner a free Relaxopet Pro – this item retails at £69.90

Question: On what page is the RelaxoPet Pro advert in the October 2019 issue, of The Healthy Pet Guide?

Answer: Please email your answer, with the correct page number, and also please state do you have a Cat or a Dog to –

All entries will be closed by 4pm on the 15th November 2019.

Two random winners will be chosen at 5pm on the 15th November 2019, one winner with a Cat, and the other winner with a Dog.