Here at Purely Pets Insurance we have been helping owners take care of their pets by providing comprehensive and affordable Pet Insurance policies for cats and dogs for over 10 years.

We know that your pet is an important part of your family and with 1 in 3 requiring veterinary treatment every year following an accident or illness it is important that you are able to provide the care your pet needs when the worst happens.

Unlike us our pets can’t rely on the NHS to provide free healthcare when they are ill or injured so Purely Pets Insurance can provide you with financial support if your cat or dog requires veterinary treatment.

We have a range of plans for you to choose from to suit your individual needs and budget including 3 levels of Lifetime cover. Lifetime cover is a firm favorite of vets and pet owners as it provides cover for the lifetime of your pet dependent upon you renewing the policy each year and keeping up to date with your premiums.  These are usually the most expensive policies, because they can provide the most comprehensive cover for your pet. However at Purely Pets Insurance we offer 3 levels of lifetime cover ranging from £2,000 to £7,500 so you should be able to find a cover level suitable for your budget and needs. Lifetime cover provides a monetary limit per condition per policy year, or one pot of money per policy year that will cover accidents and illnesses.

Some of the benefits of insuring your cat or dog with Purely Pets are:

  • Fully UK based contact centre
  • All claims assessed by a team of vet nurses who understand your pet’s illness or accident
  • Essential vets fees cover up to £7,500
  • 10% discount for insuring multiple pets
  • A minimum of £1m public liability cover included with all policies
  • Monthly payment option with no extra charges (subject to status)
  • Complementary 24 hour access to our online vet finder
  • Competitive insurance for pedigree pets, cross breeds, mongrels and moggies
  • Submit and track your claims online with a 5 day turn around

At Purely Pets Insurance we can cover your puppy or kitten from as young as 5 weeks old and unlike some other Pet Insurance companies we have no upper age limit. We also offer one of the lowest excesses in the market at £60. Your excess is your contribution to the costs of treating your pet when you make a claim and if your pet is under the age of 8 £60 is all you will need to pay per condition per policy year.

Purely Pets Insurance cares about you and your pet and our aim is to make sure that if you find yourself with a poorly pet that we make the claims process as simple and stress free as possible so that you can focus on getting your loved one back to full health.

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