As dog owners we’re sure you’ll agree that getting a dog was one of the best decisions you ever made. But there’s no doubt about it, owning a dog is not a small commitment! Since the average age a dog can live is between 10-13 years, getting a dog isn’t just a financial decision, it’s also a commitment that will impact many years of your life.

Once you’ve found your perfect pooch it’s natural to want to always have your dog by your side. But having them with you 100% of the time isn’t always possible. When you need to get away for a holiday, when work is full-on, or social events pop-up in your diary, what options do you have to ensure your dog is well cared for whilst you’re tied up? We’ve taken a look at the various options you have when considering dog care.

Friends & family

If you’re lucky to have family or friends living nearby, this might seem like a great option. Your dog is probably familiar with them, and even love them to bits. But this isn’t the reality for everyone, particularly when you are planning a two week trip of a lifetime, or a last minute work engagement pops up. Ask them to look after your dog too many times and you run the risk of annoying them, plus there’s always the chance that they’ll be unavailable. Perhaps it’s time to consider a professional…


Dog kennels have been around for years, and may seem like the only option once you have exhausted friends & family. They offer a secure location and staff are often used to dealing with different dog breeds. But many dogs don’t take well to a kennel environment, which are often loud and stressful. Your dog can become over stimulated and anxious, potentially worsening issues such as separation anxiety.

You also need to bear in mind that you may be charged for extra walks, playtime and dietary requirements which are necessary for your dog’s well-being. But who else can you trust to care for your pooch?

Dog sitting services

There is another way! Have you thought of using a dog sitter? There are thousands of sitters who not only want to look after your dog, but will also love and care for them just as you would at home. Many of them are dog owners themselves, or have been in the past, which means you can find a furry playmate for your pooch if you want one. Plus they know what they’re doing when it comes to dog care.

Handy apps such as DogBuddy make it easy for you to find vetted and reviewed dog sitters. Simply enter your postcode, the dates you need help, and you’ll be shown a list of available sitters in your area. Plus, for added peace of mind, your sitter can send photos, videos and even keep track of your dog’s walks, so you know your dog is enjoying themselves in the safety of their sitters care.

There are numerous options out there when it comes to finding dog care – but by choosing the right option to match your dog’s needs, there’s no need to give up the things you enjoy doing or feel guilty about leaving your dog again.

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