Help your pet feel at ease anywhere, with the Beaphar Pheromone Calming Range

Just like us, certain events or situations can cause stress in cats and dogs. But unlike us, our pets can’t simply tell us if something is causing them to feel stressed or anxious. Instead, they communicate this through problem behaviour, which can be stressful for us as owners too.

There are many things that we view as exciting which can cause stress in our pets. Fireworks and bonfire night is something to look forward to for us. But for cats and dogs, the loud bangs and flashes of light can be terrifying and stressful. According to the RSPCA, 45% of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

Travelling in the car, visits to the vet or cattery/kennel, or an unexpected thunderstorm can also cause stress in cats and dogs. Even just having a few friends over for a birthday party or New Year can be enough to cause your pet to feel unsettled and anxious.

What can be done to help reduce stress in cats and dogs?

Some causes of stress cannot be removed, such as moving house. Others may occur when you’re not expecting them, such as a thunderstorm. But, there are things you can do to help your cat or dog through these stressful situations, such as using a calming product like those in the Beaphar Pheromone Calming Range.

How do Beaphar CatComfort® and Beaphar CaniComfort® work?

Beaphar CatComfort® and Beaphar CaniComfort® are easy-to-use pheromone calming products. They are readily available, either at your local pet shop or online.

Beaphar CatComfort® contains a synthetic copy of the Feline Facial Pheromone. Beaphar CaniComfort® contains a synthetic copy of the Dog Appeasing Pheromone. Both these pheromones are clinically proven, and help to reduce problem behaviour cats and dogs.

Pheromones are naturally produced chemical substances that are instantly recognisable between animals of the same species. Different pheromones trigger a specific instinctive response from the animal. Cats and dogs have a special structure located just above the roof of their mouth called the vomeronasal organ to analyse different scents and identify pheromones. When a cat identifies the Feline Facial Pheromone or a dog identifies the Dog Appeasing Pheromone, they will instantly feel calmer and more at ease.

You can find out more about how Feline Facial Pheromones and Dog Appeasing Pheromones work in our blogs.

The Beaphar CatComfort® and Beaphar CaniComfort® products include:

  • Calming Diffuser – Starter Kit
  • 30 Day Refill
  • Calming Spray

When to use the Beaphar CatComfort® or Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Diffuser

The pheromone calming diffusers are complete starter kits containing one pheromone plug in and one pheromone refill. Simply plug in the pheromone calming diffuser in the room where your cat or dog spends most of their time.

If you’re using the pheromone calming diffuser for a specific event, we recommend plugging the diffuser in around one week beforehand. This allows the pheromones time to effectively diffuse throughout the room. The diffuser is designed to be used continuously, so don’t switch it off before going to bed or when you leave the house. Handy refills are also available, so you can provide your pet with long-term reassurance. Each refill is effective for up to 30 days.

It is ideal for use during fireworks, thunderstorms, the introduction of a new baby or pet to the home, and for cats and dogs who get anxious spending time alone.

When to use the Beaphar CatComfort® or Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Spray

The pheromone calming sprays are pocket sized, so ideal for use around the home and on the go. Each application is effective for up to 5 hours.

Spray inside cat carriers, dogs crates or cars 15 minutes before putting your cat or dog inside. This will help your pet feel less anxious when travelling in the car or visiting the vet, cattery or kennel.

When to use both a pheromone diffuser and a pheromone spray

For some stressful situations or problem behaviour, you may find using both the calming diffuser and the calming spray more beneficial.

For problem behaviour in specific areas of the home

Use the Beaphar CatComfort® or Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Spray on the object or area where the problem behaviour is occurring. Then, plug in the Beaphar CatComfort® or Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Diffuser in the same room.

When moving house

You may find using both products useful during a house move. When you arrive at your new home, choose which room you’d like your pet to spend most of their time in. Plug in the Beaphar CatComfort® or Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Diffuser.

To provide your pet with a more immediate calming effect, use the Beaphar CatComfort® or Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Spray in the four corners of the room 15 minutes before moving your pet in.

You can also spray their bed to help them feel settled, and leave some toys in the room to keep them occupied.

For more information on the Beaphar Pheromone Calming Range, click here.