flexi NEW COMFORT comes in a perfectly designed two-colour format with a colour-coordinated brake button and tape or protection belt. Equipped with an ergonomic and simultaneously adjustable soft grip handle with a smooth surface, the lead has a comfortable fit to almost any hand size.

The grip size (valid for sizes M & L) can be easily modified for walking bare handed or with gloves. Thanks to its ergonomic grip, rounded shape and soft components the lead is very comfortable to hold and works seamlessly with our uniquely-designed accessories. Available from size S to L the flexi Multi Box can be attached quickly to the bottom of the lead/casing and conveniently stores treats and waste bags. Also you can attach the flexi LED Lighting System with flashlight and red blinking light, that velcros on to the side for safe night time walking.

Your canine companion will recognize that it means “let’s go outside” when you hold the flexi lead in your hand or leash your dog before leaving home. That creates positive associations right away, especially if you start out by giving your dog a treat from the Multi Box when you attach the lead.

The flexi NEW COMFORT is available as cord and tape lead from size XS to L and five    fashionable colours (red, blue, green, pink and grey) options to suit any dog owner’s preference. For more information visit www.flexi.de/en

  • Perfectly designed, colourful eye-catcher, also the ideal gift
  • Thanks to its adjustable handle with size setting (size M and L), rounded shape and soft components the lead is very comfortable to hold
  • Fast, reliable response by the quick-stop one-handed braking system, with permanent braking feature
  • Lead can be customized and works seamlessly with flexi Multi Box and LED Lighting System
  • NEW: Stylish colours, now also as tape and bite belt.
  • High quality craftmanship made in Germany

flexi LED Lighting System

The flexi LED Lighting System makes you safer in the dark! Separately adjustable front and rear lights improve your visibility and light the way for you. Attaches and unattaches quickly and easily to the housing using a velcro fastener. The LED Lighting System works with the flexi NEW COMFORT and flexi NEW CLASSIC lines in sizes S, M and L. Includes batteries and a decorative cover to protect the velcro fastener closure when lamp is not in use.

  • Can be attached on either side of the casing (for right or left-handed users)
  • Splash-proof
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries and a decorative cover (to protect the velcro fastener closure when lamp is not in use)
  • Lamp lifetime when the LED front light and rear light are used together: 11 hours
  • Lamp lifetime when only front LED light is used: 12 hours
  • Lamp lifetime when only rear light is used: 175 hours.

flexi Multi Box

With the flexi Multi Box, things like treats and poop bags are always within reach and properly stowed. The new Multi Box comes in full black for the sizes S, M and L and is especially made for the flexi NEW COMFORT, NEW CLASSIC, DESIGN and NEW NEON ranges. Includes one roll of 20 poop bags.


  • Easily attachable
  • Opens to both sides for treats
  • Poop bags have separate opening on the bottom
  • Especially made for the flexi NEW COMFORT, NEW CLASSIC, DESIGN and NEW NEON lines in sizes S, M and L
  • Colour: full black
  • Perfect for both left and right handers thanks to opening on both sides
  • 20 poop bags included
  • High quality craftmanship made in Germany
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flexi – Established in 1973, flexi is the inventor of the flexi retractable dog lead and the world market leader of retractable leads. What began with a conversion of a chain saw mechanism more than 45 years ago has grown into a high-tech product that now leads all developed markets worldwide. With more than 300 employees, all flexi leads are manufactured by hand at their headquarters in Bargteheide, near Hamburg, Germany where tens of thousands of leads are produced daily and exported to over 90 countries worldwide. Quality, comfortable handling and innovative designs underline the level of refinement of flexi leads. The original flexi lead features a high-tech retraction system, which embodies the company’s spirit of continued innovation and uncompromised standards of perfection. Whether classic, trendy, fashionable or elegant, all flexi leads are designed to excite every dog and their owner. flexi is “Made in Germany” simply at its best. Learn more at www.flexi.de/en

Key facts about flexi:

  • Inventor, founder & CEO since 1973: Manfred Bogdahn
  • Design, development and manufacturing in Germany
  • Approx. 300 employees at the company site in Bargteheide near Hamburg
  • World market leader, exporting to more than 90 countries
  • Hidden Champion (Hermann Simon)
  • Brand of the Century (‘Deutsche Standards’)

For more information, please visit the website https://flexi.de/en/