When Danielle got her first dog Roy, a Miniature Dachshund, she knew the importance of getting him insured. “My family have had pets in the past who have had accidents and illnesses requiring veterinary treatment, so I knew I needed to insure Roy.”

Having looked around for the best policy, Danielle found Lifetime Pet Cover. “It was really good comprehensive cover, which is what I wanted. I found the information provided by Lifetime Pet Cover to be very clear, so I knew exactly what I was getting.”

One month after taking out the policy, Roy ingested a chicken bone when out for a walk. “I saw him pick it up off the path and immediately tried to get it out of his mouth” Danielle said, aware of the harm the bone could do. Unfortunately, she was too late and Roy swallowed the bone. “I was distraught, Roy means everything to me”.

Danielle managed to get an emergency appointment 45 minutes later. The Vet examined Roy and immediately sent him to get x-rayed. At this point, the Vet broke down the cost of the treatment. “It all happened so quickly, I didn’t think about money. Getting Roy sorted was the only thing that mattered”. For the X-Ray and examinations alone, the cost was already in the hundreds. After the X-Ray the Vets needed to perform surgery on Roy, the total cost of the treatment required came to £1,610.00 which Danielle agreed to “I had to pay for it no matter what”.

Fortunately, the surgery went well, the bone was successfully removed from Roy’s stomach and the Vets kept him overnight to be monitored.  When Danielle got home, knowing Roy was ok and recovering, she called Lifetime Pet Cover to enquire about the claims process for Roy’s treatment, having never made a claim before. “The claims handler was really helpful. The whole process couldn’t have been easier or more straight-forward. I received a cheque in the post for the full claim amount within a week of submitting the claim.” Unfortunately, Roy developed an infection a week after the surgery “I submitted another claim for the medication needed to treat the infection, that claim was paid just as quickly as the first.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Lifetime Pet Cover, I would highly recommend the company and will be keeping them as Roy’s insurer.”

For more information visit  www.lifetimepetcover.co.uk