With the increasing awareness surrounding the origin of our food and the impact we are having on the Earth, a growing number of people are turning towards a vegan diet to address ethical and environmental concerns. Unsurprisingly, for some the question comes to mind of how the foods we feed our pets may also be affecting our planet and the other animals we share it with.

Benevo have the solution with a range of nutritionally balanced, plant-based pet foods and treats. Launched back in 2005, their original dog and cat foods were designed from the ground up to provide all the essential nutrients, derived entirely from animal free sources.

However, the very idea of vegan pet foods can be hard for some to swallow. Often the discussion suffers from a number of misconceptions about veganism and nutrition, conjuring up ideas of bowls of salad and raw vegetables, or maybe even nut roasts.
The aim of a vegan diet for animals is not to transform a natural carnivore into a herbivore, but to honour the nutritional needs of a carnivore while sourcing the essential nutrients they need from sustainable plant-based ingredients.

Vegan pet foods therefore work in the same way as any other pet food you might find in a supermarket, which are formulated to meet strict nutritional EU-wide guidelines based on decades of scientific research. Starting with the nutritional requirements of the animal, the various proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are all brought together to form a complete and balanced food. The bioavailability of the nutrients is also taken into account, so the animal is able to readily digest and absorb the ingredients and put them to use.

It is not just the planet that benefits, as a vegan diet can be useful for addressing food allergies or intolerances in dogs. Surprisingly the most common food sensitivities for dogs are beef, wheat and dairy products – all of which are excluded in Benevo’s vegan dog foods. Paw biting, scratching, obsessive licking, skin rashes, dry flaky skin, bald patches, poor digestion and ‘rear end’ problems can all be signs of an allergy to these common culprits, along with other ingredients including pork, chicken, lamb and eggs. A meat-free diet, such as Benevo Original dog food, naturally excludes these protein sources by replacing them with plant-based alternatives which many customers have found to rapidly alleviate these symptoms.

While it may still remain a controversial choice for some, in the 12 years since they started Benevo’s vegan pet foods have proven themselves effective with a growing loyal customers base in over 30 countries around the world. This global growth even earned them the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise this year – a sign that Vegan products are now truly mainstream!

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