Beco Pets is back and we have expanded our range to include an ethical food for puppies. We have used a 100% fresh free-range turkey recipe and loaded it with vegetables and superfoods. The new recipe is packed with all the natural proteins, fats and nutrients that support a puppy’s growth.

100% of the turkey in Beco Food is fresh, free-range and traceable. No meat meal or derivatives in sight. It’s a grain free recipe, instead of grains we use nutritious vegetables and superfoods. Pumpkin, spinach, chicory and kale to name a few. We then cook it all at low temperatures to lock in the goodness your puppy needs.

We have expanded our range so owners have an ethical choice for their puppy too. After we had such great feedback from pet owners about our current range, from dogs with sensitive stomachs enjoying their new diet to fussy eaters digging in, we decided it was time to expand. When developing our recipes, we landed on free-range turkey as it is a lean meat that is easy to digest. Perfect for a growing puppy.

George Bramble, Beco Pets co-founder, explained ‘Although our original recipes are great for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, we wanted to make a recipe that is particularly high in protein, good fats and nutrients to support a puppy’s growth.’ He elaborated ‘As with all our recipes, we only use ethically sourced and traceable meat. In doing so our recipe has everything a growing puppy needs and more’.

The puppy food will be available in June 2018. To find out check out our website